№1 - Лесное хозяйство
№2 [en] - Forest and woodworking industry
№2 - Лесная и деревообрабатывающая промышленность
№3 [en] - Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances
№3 - Химия и технология неорганических веществ
№4 [en] - Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology
№4 - Химия, технология органических веществ и биотехнология
№5 - История, философия, филология
№6 - Физико-математические науки и информатика
№7 - Экономика и управление
№8 - Учебно-методическая работа
№9 - Издательское дело и полиграфия

№2 2012 [en]
Forest and woodworking industry

Fedorenchik A. S. Innovation production of pulpchips at logging site
Golyakevich S. A., Goronovski A. R. Operational effectiveness of multipurpose logging  machinery considering limiting factors
Vyrko N. P., Leonovich I. I., Karpovich S. S. Earth drill with storage unit for examination  of soils in horizontal alignment of roads
Golyakevich S. A., Goronovski A. R. Experimental researches of stress loading of bearing structures in hinge joint logging machinery
Mokhov S. P., Golyakevich S. A., Pishchov S. N., Ariko S. E. Trending of design  development of multipurpose logging machines
Loy V. N., Germanovich A. O. Effect of various characteristics of raw wood on energy saturation of the chipper
Naskovets M. T., Korin G. S., Drachilovski A. I.  Experimental forest road construction with geotextile materials in Telekhany state forestry institution
Mokhov S. P., Simanovich V. A., Ariko S. E. External force factors affecting a tree falling process: effect assessment
Lyshchik P. A., Bavbel E. I. Timber transportation networks: GIS technologies for parameter 
Isachenkov V. S., Simanovich V. A. Rope-choker trailed implements determination of parameters
Lashchenko A. P.  Layered system deformation determination materials rheological properties consideration
Matveiko A. P. Mobile delimber-crosscutter units for round timber harvesting in Belarus: expectations and opportunities
Pishchov S. N., Mokhov S. P., Goronovski A. R.  Parametres justification of portable cable  
skidding machine
Ariko S. E. Forestry machinery tires: test results
Protas P. A., Fedorenchik A. S., Lednitski A. V., Zavoyskikh G. I. State of wind fallen woodstands in Belarus and problems of its development
Leonov Y. A., Fedorenchik A. S.  Simulation of the sustainable functioning of wood fuel warehouse
Klokov D. V., Turlay I. V. Models of forest machines based on reliability
Zharkov N. I., Gil V. I., Isacnenkov V. S. Analysis of the structure of wood conveyor
Lyshchik P. A., Naumenko A. I.  Strengthening road soils by slag additives
Vyrko N. P., Demidko M. N. Terms and efficiency of prefabricated covering used at temporary forest roads
Naskovets M. T, Drachilovsky A. I.  Improvement of road construction, raises transportation 
and performances of forest roads
Korolenia R. O.  Determination of the urgency of timber transportation using basic schemes of transportation process organization
Tumashik I. I., Fedkin A. S. Technology of reinforcing soil forest road by introduction of skeletal and mineral binding additives
Mokhov S. P., Pishchov S. N., Asmolovski M. K. The experimental evaluation of stability indexes for the extended load capacity dump truck with rear unloading
Bartashevich А. А., Lopachuk V. А., Machanek А. А., Pendo V. V. Determination of the main parameters of apparatus for densification of veneer
Prokhorchik S. А., Chuikov А. S. Comparative analysis of abrasion resistance of laminated and timber flooring
Mukhurova Е. А., Shet’ko S. V. Developing a reasonable plan for cutting logs for rough stock of furniture for intended purpose
Ignatovich L. V., Krivoblotski А. N., Utgof S. S. Integrated assessment of floor covering quality, cost of its laying and maintenance
Buchneva E. А., Bakhar L. M. Effect of moulding material on properties of chipboard
Fedosenko I. G. Physical and mechanical properties of wood thermally modified in organic oils
Babich D. P., Snopkov V.B. Thermal energy consumption at drying saw-timber In periodic 
convection drying chambers
Mazanik N. V. Comparative analysis of statistical characteristics of experimental data while using various test methods of chemical protection means of wood against biological damages
Rudak O. G., Snopkov V. B. Change of thermal properties of wood in warming up period 
in unsaturated environment 
Rudak O. G. Thickness humidity change of saw-timber at warming up in the unsaturated  
Bozhelko I. K. Bio-protection of glu-lams 
Gayduk S. S.  Research of strength and water resistance of glued connections on the basis of PVA dispersions 
Gayduk S. S., Bedik N. A. Rheological characteristics of the modified polyvynylacetate dispersions
Stukach Т. V., Rapinchuk D. L., Fedosenko I. G. Analysis of operating abilities of different 
wood breeds being operated out-of-doors
Pastusheni V. I.  Technological Process design of the log yard when delivering tree-length materials of different species
Shiryaev V. V. Natural linoleum as a composite materials based on wood flour and linseed oil
Tsaruk F. F., Belski S. E., Kuis D. V. Effect of iron content and laser hardening on the fractography of high-frequency fatigue fractures in AK8M3 alloy samples
Pishchov M. N., Tsaruk F. F., Surus A. I. Influence of technological parameters of complex borating on the performance of coating surface of machine elements
Dulevich A. F., Kiselev S. V. Design of elastoplastic strain operations of timber band saws  to improve their durability
Alifanov A. V., Milyukova A. M., Burnosov N. V. Analysis of strained state of metal- and woodworking tools as a result of plastic strain techniques
Rudak P. V., Grishkevich A. A.  Experimental studies results of influence of wood-milling shank cutters constructions on noise level
Alifanov A. V., Grishkevich A. A., Chayevskii V. V., Garanin V. N. Influence of tin-coatings hard alloy knives on exploitation of wood-cutting milling tool when processing laminated chipboard
Grinevich S. A., Garanin V. N., Revyako D. A. The investigation of speed on idling power  
of a drive of cutting machine Unimat 23EL
Chernushevich G. A., Peretrukhin V. V. Prognostic aspects evaluating professional risk  of workers health (by the example of OJSC “IVATSEVICHDREV”)
Ladik B. R., Ermak I. T., Bosak V. N. Noise impact on working woodchip board 
Garmaza А. K. Security in the development of blowdown windbreak woodbreak woodcutting areas
Kuis D. V., Svidunovich N. A., Okatova G. P., Urbanovich V. S., Tovstyko U. А. On the mechanism of structure formation of dead-hard carbon phase in the nanocomposite system of Fe – C for woodworking tools
Rudak P. V., Kuis D. V., Rudak, O. G., Baltrušaitis A., Keturakis G. Experimental studies of tribological properties of hard indexable inserts with vacuum-plasma coatings at cylindrical milling of woodchip boards
Karpovich S. S., Latushkina S. D., Karpovich S. I., Piskunova O. Yu. Static stiffness leafs circular saws 
Kasperov G. I., Levkevich V. E., Pastukhov C. M. Buzuk A. V. Method and results of natural inspections of Belarusian water objects as sources of anthropogenic character emergency situations
Kasperov G. I., Levkevich V. E., Pastukhov C. M., Buzuk A. V., Novikov A. A.  Modelling of reservous sewage currents regime on the basis of software for evaluation of shore strenghthening 
constructions stability
Rapovets V. V., Burnosov N. V. Interrelation of geometrical peremeters of technological  chipsand a double-blade knife in log processing on chipper canter machine tools
Kostyuk O. I., Friedrikh A. P. Peculiarities of mechanical wood processing and wooden  pressboard materials by grinding method
Dorozhko A. V.  The deflection sensor with protection against damage 
Kravchenko A. S., Bobrovskii S. E. Roundup of rickers with blades enabling to obtain industrial chips