№1 - Лесное хозяйство
№2 [en] - Forest and woodworking industry
№2 - Лесная и деревообрабатывающая промышленность
№3 [en] - Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances
№3 - Химия и технология неорганических веществ
№4 [en] - Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology
№4 - Химия, технология органических веществ и биотехнология
№5 - История, философия, филология
№6 - Физико-математические науки и информатика
№7 - Экономика и управление
№8 - Учебно-методическая работа
№9 - Издательское дело и полиграфия

№3 2012 [en]
Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances

Zharski I. M., Orekhova S. E., Kurilo I. I., Bychek I. V., Kryshilovich E. V. Vanadium-containing wastes recycling for enterprises using fuel oil: high expectations
Antikhovich I. V., Krupnik S. M., Chernik A. A., Zharski I. M. Electrochemical deposition of nickel coatings from acetatechloride electrolyte in pulse mode 
Mikhedova E. V., Chernik А. А., Zharski I. M.  The use of pulse electrolysis for copper plating on steel and cast iron bases from citrate electrolyte
Salychits O. I., Orekhova S. E., Ashuyko V. A., Oskirko O. V. Pigment with anticorrosive properties based on transition metal compounds
Ashuyko V. А., Sokolovskaya О. Е., Novikova L. N., Orekhova S. E. Extraction of ammonia sulfate from mother liquor in methylacrylate production
Bolvako A. K., Chernik A. A.  Electrochemical Cr (III) oxidation with doped PbO2 anodes
Bogomazova N. V., Ostapenko E. V., Andrukhovich I. M. Effect of electrolyte composition on porous anodic aluminium oxide formation
Kandidatova I. N., Bashkirov L. A., Petrov G. S. Thermal analysis, thermal expansion of Pr1–xLaxInO3 praseodymium-lanthanum indates
Chizhova Ye. A., Klyndyuk A. I. Thermoelectric properties of the ceramics based on the barium –
strontium plumbates
Zatsiupa A. A., Bashkirov L. A., Shichkova T. A., Petrov G. S. Physical and chemical properties of Bi1–xLaxFe1–xCoxO3 solid solutions synthesized by different methods
Matsukevich I. V., Klyndyuk A. I.  Influence of the preparation method on the microstructure and physicochemical properties of the (Ca,Bi)3CO4O9+δ cobaltites
Kornilova Т. М., Kuzmenkov М. I., Lukash Е. V. Glass dolomitic sheets producing
Sushkevich A. V., Kuzmenkov M. I., Shalukho N. M., Manak T. N.  Demonstration of metastable paragenesis in the process of solid phase interaction in the system of СaО – Al2O3 – SiO2
Rumynskaya E. I., Kuzmenkov M. I. Production of phosphate binder fire-protective coating for steel building constructions
Kozlovskaya I. Yu., Martsul V. N. Lanthanum excretion from spent petroleum hyrocarbon cracking 
Romanovski V. I., Andreeva N. A. Purification of washing waters of iron removal stations
Martsul V. N., Zalygina O. S., Shibeka L. A., Likhacheva A. V., Romanovski V. I.  Some applications of galvanic manufacture waste
Martsul V. N., Likhacheva A. V., Shibeka L. A., Zalygina O. S., Romanovski V. I., Khodin V. V Inventory of galvanic sludge and deposits of the treatment facilities formed at the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus
Sokolovski A. E., Radion Е. V. Hydroxo-complexes formation in Al3+– Mn2+– NO3–– H2O system
Savosko I. V., Zinkova Т. N. Research of fluoride ions with the electrode “ECOM-F”
Sumich А. I., Eshchenko L. S., Alekseev А. D. Investigation of sodium sesquicarbonate producing
Eshchenko L. S., Malitskaya L. Y., Zhuk G. М., Peshkov S. Y.  Investigation of suspensions based on galvanic sludges
Makhrova Ye. V., Eshchenko L. S., Krupitsa N. V. Production of magnesium oxide polyhydrates as fillers for electrorheological suspensions 
Mozheiko F. F., Potkina T. N., Goncharik I. I., Voitenko A. I., Shevchuk V. V. Elimination of fine-dispersed slime negative impact on the process of phosphorite enrichment
Mozheiko F. F., Potkina T. N., Goncharik I. I., Voitenko A. I., Shevchuk V. V. Foaming agent effect on the phosphate flotation
Maskalchuk L. N., Baklay A. A., Leontieva T. G., Lemutova M. I. Synthesis and properties of the composite sorbents on the basis of alumosilicates separated from the clay-salt slimes
Pavlechko V. N.  The comparison of the mass trasfer effeciency in different types of the complex model
Kozlovski V. I., Vaytekhovich P. E. Crushing of materials in the spherical mill with the mixer
Chirkun D. I., Levdanski A. E., Yarmolik S. V., Levdanski E. I. Numerical modelling of division process in the air multicascade gravitational qualifier
Volk А. М., Vilkotski А. I., Levdanski А. E. Modeling of gas centrifugal suspensions separation processes
Аndrizhievski А. А.,  Voronitskaya А. P., Sinkevich А. G. Comparative analysis of test results for hydrodynamic characteristics of a power range of plate heat exchangers for heat supply stations
Andrizhiyevski A. A., Trifonov A. G., Pronkevich T. Yu. Assessment of the conditions of heat exchange in a pool of spent nuclear fuel from the account of effect of evaporation
Аndrizhievski А. А.,  Voronitskaya А. P., Lukashevich А. G. Development and verification of spatial computational analog of bi-metal contact surface of heat exchange 
Misyulya D. I., Kuzmin V. V., Markov V. А. Comparative analysis of technical characteristics of cyclone dust collectors
Misyulya D. I., Kuzmin V. V., Markov V. А.  The feasibility grounds for using of untwisting devices in cyclones
Kalishuk D. G., Sayevich N. P., Ivashkevich O. A., Grigoriev U. V.  Use of the two-level contact and distributive devices in reactors of trial installation productions of methyl air of fat acids
Kalishuk D. G., Vorobyov A. D., Makhrova E. V., Gundilovich N. N., Poluyanovich E. F.  Calculated characteristic for description of absorption-desorption processes equilibrium in the systems NH3 − water и SO2 − water
Zditovetskaya S. V., Vоlodin V. I.  Effect of pressure loss on energy efficiency of steam-compression heat transformers
Filatov S. A., Volodin V. I.  The numerical simulation of utilizer of soil heat and heat receiver in
joint operation
Protasov S. K., Borovik A. A., Matveiko N. P., Shevelev D. A. Investigation of gas distributor for packed columns