№1 [en] - Forestry
№1 - Лесное хозяйство
№2 - Лесная и деревообрабатывающая промышленность
№3 [en] - Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances
№3 - Химия и технология неорганических веществ
№4 [en] - Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology
№4 - Химия, технология органических веществ и биотехнология
№5 - История, философия, филология
№6 - Физико-математические науки и информатика
№7 - Экономика и управление
№8 - Издательское дело и полиграфия

№1 2013 [en]

Аtroshchenko О. А. Forest stand growth forecast models
Balakir М.  V. Dynamics of commodity structure of artificial spruce  stands in sorrel and bracken woods
Bakhur  О.  S. Relationship between mensuration and decoding indices of pine stands of I and Ia bonitet
Zorin V. P., Аtroshchenko N. О. Sustainable forest management standards and application in the forestry of Belarus
Еrmakov V. Е. Target species composition of the forests of the Republic of Belarus in the question of the future
Kotsan V. V. Development of electronic model and database of arboretum
Kravchenko О. V. Points coordinate transformation according to satellite-derived data using site-calibration
Mashkovsky V. P. The age features of variability of trunk diameters in pure pine stands
Minkevich  S. І., Bui А. А. Analysis of harvested timber registration system on its compliance
with the latest EU initiatives
Neverov А. V., Ravino А. V., Prokopovich S. S. Dyubanov V. A. Factor analysis of dynamics of forest productivity as a strategy tool of forest growing
Sevko O. A. Aesthetic evaluation of landscapes (on the example of permanent study areas in Negoreloye forestry experimental station)
Klimchik S. G. Distribution peculiarities of ash stands and their taxation characteristics
Bakhur O. V., Pilyutik A. V.,
Dambovsky V. A.
Comparative evaluation of hunting magement of hunting with various intensity of anthropogenic effect
Borko A. Ch., Labokha K. V. Silvicultural efficiency of herbicides application as a growth inhibitor of herbaceous plants after strip-gradual felling
Borko A. Ch. Effect of  the current soil mineralization Effect on basic  increment of pine undergrowth  height after strip-gradual fellins
Eroshkina I. F. Evolution of component structure of forest stands  in conditions of modern forestry activities
Kaplich V. M., Yakubovsky M. V., Tereshkina N. V. Wild boar helminth fauna (sus scrofa) in the subzone of oak and dark-coniferous forests of Belarus
Klimchik G. Y., Usenya V. V.,
Gordey N. V., Mukhurov L. I.
Description of fires according to their origin features
Litvinov V. F., Podoshvelev D. A., Tereshkina N. V. The parasitological assessment methods of wild animals condition in Belarus
Morozov O. V. Allopolyploidy as possible way of cowberry small (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. var. minus Lodd) origin
Rovkach A. I. The results obtained and activity directions of hunting efficiency increase at the present stage
Rozhkov L. N. Annual forecast of carbon dioxide «drain – emission»  flow of Belarus forest
Rozhkov L. N., Kuzmenkov M. V., Kulagin A. P., Khomets V. N. Assessment of forests structure and forest care efficiency
Rusalenko A. I. Effective ways of forest productivity increase
Shiman D. V., Dorokh D. V. Forests stands growing after uniform and strip gradual  fellings  in pine forests of okinchitski forest station of Stolbtsy Experimental forestry enterprise
Shiman D. V., Merkul G. V. The effect of trees isolation on mossy pine forest growth when cutting trees of productivity classes IV and V
Shtukin  S.  S. Influence of stump extraction, thinning and perennial lupine introduction on the growth of experimental common spruce forest plantations
Shtukin  S.  S.  Paul E. E.,
Volovich  P.  I.
Wood quality change in forest pine and spruce plantations
Yushkevich M. V., Pashkevich L. S. Species diversity and synanthropization of Minsk suburban forests
Yushkevich M. V., Petrashkevich A. A. Transformation of forest  live cover under recreational load
Кruk N. К., Yakimov N. I.,
Volkovich А. P.
Modern technologies of Norway spruce seedlings growing in nurseries
Naukovich Е. А., Nosnikov V. V. The main features of sulfonyl urea herbicides application in the process of cultivation of conifer planting material in forest
Nosnikov V. V., Yurenya А. V., Naukovich Е. А. Influence of weeds on the growth conditions and biometric parameters of Scots pine
Poplavskaya L. F., Antoshuk А. А. Selective breeding of Scots pine in Polessky forest seeding district
Poplavskaya L. F., Rebko S. V.,
Tupik P. V.
The examination of seed posterity of Scots pine hybrid seed plantations in different forest
Rebko S. V., Tupik P. V. Specific features of the growth of Scots pine originating from controlled crossing in Nemansko-Predpolessky forest site area
Rusalenko А.  I. Technology and costs of creation of  forest cultures of pine  in accordance with
habitat conditions
Sokolovsky  I. V.,  Bespaly А. А. Sod-podzolic  groundwater  cryptogley  and  groundwater  gley soils of the Belarusian Polesye region
Yakimov N. I., Кruк N. К.,
Yurenya А. V.
Peculiarities of agricultural engineering cultivation of european white birch seedlings in forest nurseries  .
Azovskaya N. О., Dashkevich Е. А. Economic feasibility of chemical and biological methods to protect the pine from diplodia tip blight
Blintsov А. I., Kozel А. V., Kruk N. К., Kovbasa N. P. Assessment of phytotoxic action of insecticides on scotch pine (Pinus silvestris) seeds
Makoznak N. А., Zelvovich  I. К., Prakhodskiy S. А., Telesh А. D. Results of  inventory and promising directions of the extention of the collection composition of flowerless plants of the parterre part of the botanical garden of the BSTU
Burganskaya Т. М., Makoznak N. А., Prakhodskiy S. А., Telesh А. D. Composition and condition of one-season and long-continued cultivation flower-ornamental plants in décor of recreational areas in the center of Minsk
Volchenkova G. А., Zvyagintsev V. B., Savitskiy А. V. Screening of Phlebiopsis gigantea (fr.) Jülich strains according to their colonization ability on pine stumps after fellings
Zvyagintsev V. B., Volchenkova G. А., Zhdanovich  S. А. Silvicultural and  forest-protection measures in pine stands affected by annosum root rot
Grigortsevich L. N., Zhirkevich А. S. Main agrotechnical methods of cultivation of ornamental bushes for exposition zones at sanatoriums and health-resorts
Larinina Y. А., Blintsov А. I.,
Kukhta V. N., Sazonov А. А.
Intrapopulation control mechanisms in population dynamics of eight-toothed bark beetle
Makoznak N. A., Berezko O. M., Burganskaya T. M., Kazlova M. U. Peculiarities of composition and coloristic solution of elements of floral-decorative design of recreation areas in Minsk
Paul  E.  E., Kozel  A.  V. Error determination of the formulas used for recalculation of  wood strenth factors on 12% moisture content
Rusalenko V. G., Burganskaya T. M. Optimization of the mineral nutrition mode of the perennial flowers used in landscaping of recreational objects of the central part of Minsk
Khvasko A. V. Infectious diseases of oak branches and trunk in Belarus
Khvasko A. V. Fungicide screening for the English oak protection from the powdery mildew
Yarmolovich V. A., Dishuk N. G., Asmolovsky M. K.,  Semenova V. Yu. Biological efficiency of new substances for the pre-sowing seeds treatment  in seedlings protection from infectious lodging