№1 [en] - Forestry
№1 - Лесное хозяйство
№2 - Лесная и деревообрабатывающая промышленность
№3 [en] - Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances
№3 - Химия и технология неорганических веществ
№4 [en] - Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology
№4 - Химия, технология органических веществ и биотехнология
№5 - История, философия, филология
№6 - Физико-математические науки и информатика
№7 - Экономика и управление
№8 - Учебно-методическая работа
№9 - Издательское дело и полиграфия

№1 2014 [en]

Atroshchenko O. A., Atroshchenko N. O. Economic efficiency optimization of forest species composition of Ministry of Forestry
Atroshchenko O. A., Zorin V. P., Atroshchenko N. O. Sustainable forest management of Belarusian forests in accordance with european standards
Balakir M. V. Spruce stands diameter structure of artificial origin
Bakhur O. S. Structure regularities of pine canopy
Kotsan V. V. Relationships between mensuration charachteristics in competition circles on the example of mossy pine forests of artificial origin
Kravchenko O. V. Accuracy investigation of autonomous and rela-tive methods for GPS coordinate setting under forest stand canopy
Mashkovskiy V. P. Calculation accuracy of growing stock by differ-ent methods when fulfilling
visual-measuring forest inventory
Minkevich S. I., Petrauskas E.,
Sevruk P. V.
Analysis of piece by piece methods of round wood measurements
Neverov A. V., Ravino A. V.,
Yushkevich N. T., Lukashuk N. A.
How to organize public dialogue in the landscape planning
Sevko O. A. Influence of birch admixture on radial growth of pine in mixed pine-birch stands
Sidelnik N. Ya., Kovalevskiy S. V. The current gain on the stock of pine forest stands of "logoisk forestry" in gis "forest resources"
Tolkach I. V., Bakhur O. S. Measurement interpretation and as-sessment of mensuration characteristics
of pine forest stands on digital images of ultrahigh resolution
Bakhur O. V. Analysis of hunting tourism development in the farms in the region of the Baltiс
landscape «Neman»
Eroshkina I. F. Formation of forest vegetation on extra wetted lands of forest fund (case of
Tumilovichi forestry)
Klimchik G. Y., Klimchik S. G. Dynamics and current state of forests of ash formation in the Republic of Belarus.
Klimchik G. Y., Klysh A. S. Results of introduction of shrub species from Japan and China into
botanical garden of BSTU
Labokha K. V., Shiman D. V. Silvicultural effectiveness of regeneration felling in pine forests of
Verkhneberezinskiy geobotanical zone
Morozov O. V. Methods and effectiveness of hybridization of low-bush blueberry (Vaccinium
angustifolium Ait.)and northern highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) at the stage of virginile species
Rovkach A. I., Kozarez A. I. Hunting industry efficiency improvement by trophy business development.
Rozhkov L. N. Swamp woods of Belarusian water collection of the river Neman
Rozhkov L. N. Sustainable forestry and carbon dioxide emissionsreduction
Yushkevich M. V., Zelenkevich V. I. Silvicultural effectiveness of soil disturbance after complete sanitary felling of spruce sorrel forests in park belt of Minsk landscaped area
Yushkevich M. V., Tolkach I. V. Recreational usage of lake Svityaz forests
Osmolovskiy M. K., Granik A. M. Technological advancement of saplings growth in a forest nursery
Domasevich A. A., Filon D. I. Growth and development of common pine on lands, taken out from agricultural use, depending on methods and ways of creation
Klysh A. S. Air temperature influence on seasonal development of common maple seedlings
Kruk N. K., Yakimov N. I.,
Yurenya A. V.
Planting stock cultivation in combined schools of forest nurseries
Nosnikov V. V., Volkovich A. P.,
Yurenya A. V., Yarmolovich V. A.
Efficiency of presowing treatment of pine and spruce seeds with emistim-c drug
Nosnikov V. V., Mayseenok A. P. Herbicides application at cultivation of the planting stock of deciduous species in forest nurseries
Poplavskaya L. F., Tupik P. V.,
Rebko S. V.
Age dynamics of growth separate families of a hybrid-seed plantation pines ordinary in various forest growth areas
Rusalenko A. I. Forest regeneration in black alder forests in Belarus
Rusalenko A. I., Filon D. I. Classification of soils of Negoreloye forestry station
Tupik P. V., Mantitskaya A. V. Investigation of properties and sowing qualities of forest seeds of European larch
Yakimov N. I., Kruk N. K.,
Domasevich A. A.
Agricultural technology of growing deciduous seedlings for reforestation purposes.
Baranov O. Yu., Panteleyev S. V., Yarmоlovich V. A., Romanenko M. O. Molecular genetic aspects of diagnostics and identification of Phoma blight agents
Blintsov A. I., Kozel A. V.,
Kovbasa N. P., Khvas’ko A. V.
Assessment of biological efficiency of existent insecticides against forest pests
Burganskaya T. M., Zelvovich I. K., Prakhodski S. A. Evaluation of growth and sustainability indices of Juniperus L. garden species in the plant collection of BSTU botanical garden
Burganskaya T. M., Makoznak N. A., Kozlova M. V. The assortment of flower-ornamental plants for school landscape gardening
Volchenkova G. A., Zvyagintsev V. B., Zhdanovich S. A. Ranking of silvicultural areas by the threat of annosum root rot in pine stands
Larinina Y. A., Blintsov A. I.,
Khvas’ko A. V., Yermokhin M. V.
The wood mechanical properties changes of Norway spruce dying and dead tree
Makoznak N. A., Berezko O. M.,
Telesh A. D., Zelvovich I. K.
Particularity of color and compositional solutions of the flower-decorative design in the zones of pedestrian activity in residential spaces of Minsk
Paul E. E., Kozel A. V. Methodological characteristics of wood hardness determination
Sidorenko M. V. Features of the historical development and modern reconstruction of Schönbrunn
park in Vienna (Austria)
Telesh A. D., Grigortsevich L. N. Mycosis of the dominant tree species in urban green belts and their development reducing activity
Chakur P. S., Berezko O. M. Structure of the recreation places system on specially protected natural areas. Experience of Belarus and Lithuania through the example of the parks “Augustov canal” and “Krekenava”
Shtukin S. S., Volovich P. I. Influence of selective thinning of pine sylvula on vulnerability of forest stand by root fungus