№1 [en] - Forestry
№1 - Лесное хозяйство
№2 - Лесная и деревообрабатывающая промышленность
№3 [en] - Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances
№3 - Химия и технология неорганических веществ
№4 [en] - Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology
№4 - Химия, технология органических веществ и биотехнология
№5 - История, философия, филология
№6 - Физико-математические науки и информатика
№7 - Экономика и управление
№8 - Учебно-методическая работа
№9 - Издательское дело и полиграфия

№3 2014 [en]
Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances

Sokolovskiy A. E., Radion E. V. Hydrocomplexes in the system Fe3+ – Cu2+ – NO3 – H2O
Chizhova E. A., Klyndyuk A. I.,
Brushko N. V., Maz’ko A. S.
Crystal structure and physicochemical properties of Bi1–xNdxFe1–xMnxO3 multiferroics solid solution
Eshchenko L. S., Gavrilyuk A. N. On deactivation of the nickel catalyst causes conversion of methane during its operation
Zatsiupa A. A., Bashkirov L. A.,
Petrov G. S., Galyas A. I.,
Velikanova I. A.
Crystal structure and physical and chemical properties of  Bi1–хNdxFe1–xCoxO3 solid solutions
Ze Wu, Bashkirov L. A.,
Slonskaya S. V., Trukhanov S. V., Lobanovskiy L. S., Galyas A. I.
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of highly-coercive Sr1–xGdxFe12–xZnxO19 ferrites
Zharski I. M., Kurilo I. I.,
Kryshilovich E. V., Kharitonov D. S.
Methods for processing ash residues of TPS vanadium containing slurry
Zharski I. M., Opimakh O. V.,
Kurilo I. I., Galkovskiy T. V.
Syntesis and properties of mixed iron and bismuth vanadates
Levitskiy I. A., Barantseva S. E.,
Poznyak A. I.
The use of basalts and tuffs as ceramic materials for interior wall facing tiles
Zatsiupa A. A., Bashkirov L. A.,
Shichkova T. A., Emello G. G.
Synthesis of BiFeO3 multiferroic from Bi25FeO39 precursor and Fe2O3 oxide
Romanovskiy V. I., Chaika Y. N. Carbon steels corrosion resistance to disinfectants
Kubrak P. B., Zhylinskiy V.V.,
Chayevskiy V.V.
Precipitation of abrasion resistant Fe-Ni alloy coatings from sulfate electrolytes
Kandidatova I. N., Bashkirov L. A., Lobanovskiy L. S., Trukhanov S. V., Pershukevich P. P. Synhesis, magnetic and luminescent properties of Nd1–xLaxGaO3 (0,7 ≤ х ≤ 1,0) solid solutions
Eshchenko L. S., Zhuk H. M.,
Tzukhay A. A.
Composition and properties study of galvanic sludge heat treatment products 
Composition and properties study of galvanic
sludge heat treatment products .
Reagent precipitation of hardness ions by carbonate containing builders
Tereshchenko I.M., Kravchuk A.P.,
Stetskevich A.Yu.
Development and industrial testing of cased glass compositions for crystal products
Turko M. R., Dormeshkin O. B.,
Mis’kov E. M., Solov’yeva L. A.
Flotation sylvite from potash ores at elevated temperatures
Mozheyko F. F., Potkina T. N.,
Goncharik I. I., Gotto Z. A.
Resistance management and structural - rheological properties of the suspended liquid complex fertilizers based on activated ground phosphate rock
Mozheyko F. F.,Goncharik I. I.,
Gotto Z. A., Potkina T. N.,
Shevchuk V. V.
Phosphate rock: methods of preparing and application
Andrizhievskiy A. A., Trifonov A. G.,
Kulik L. S.
Analysis of processes of aerosol particle transfer and deposition on character surfaces of infrastructure NPP
Andrizhievskiy A. A., Lukashevich A. G. 3D computer model of the developed contact transfer surface of complex configuration
Andrizhievskiy A. A., Trifonov A. G. Computer methods of the analysis of thermotechnical characteristics of heat exchanger – cooler of the “pipe-in-pipe” type
Vaitekhovich P. E., Grebenchuk P. S.,
Tabolich A. V.
The model of material movement in the rotor accelerator of the centrifugal impact crusher
Dorogokupets A. S., Frantskevich V. S. Influence of technological parameters of the dynamic separator of a bowl roller mill on energy costs
Filatov S. A., Volodin V. I. Influence of ground heat source parameters and consumer on characteristics of geothermal heat pump system
Misyulya D. I., Protasov S. K. Experimental research of regular packing for mass-transfer towers